Judy Niemeyer Quilts

Judy Niemeyer Quilts

Judy Niemeyer Quilting is a family owned and operated business that I started in the mid-1990s. We produce quilt patterns based on paper piecing techniques. While my first pattern was a small wall hanging called the Shattered Glass, it became clear that there was a potential market for the paper piecing technique I developed, along with my ability to update timeless quilt designs with modern piecing techniques, with the publication of the Wedding Star Pattern. Over 10-years later, I have published over 60 patterns and I offer instruction of my techniques throughout the United States and Canada. You can check out our Teaching Calendar to find out when I will be in an area near you!

I could not make this business work without the support and endless efforts of my husband and three children, all of whom have successful full-time careers in other industries, as well as families of their own. Their dedication to the company is a testament to fact that they believe in what I do, which I am grateful for, both as a business owner and as their mother! My daughter, Judel, has recently taken a role with the company of Business Manager. Bradley, my oldest son, is crucial to the pattern design process as he completes the drafting required to produce the foundation units. My youngest son, Billy, does graphic design and website maintenance and development for the company. Aside from his undying love and support, my husband, Del, keeps the day to day computer systems running and helps out wherever necessary to keep the company moving. His most recent endeavor was the extensive remodel of a building that I am excited to announce is the new home of Judy Niemeyer Quilting! Thanks to your continued support, Judy Niemeyer Quilting has finally grown out of our home, to a location much more suited for the day to day operations of our company!

The company has one full-time employee (aside from Judy), Cindi McCracken, who is really the backbone of our daily operations. When you call, you will speak to Cindi and she is responsible for making sure that everyone gets their products on time. In addition, she is a very talented quilter, mother of two great boys, and wife to the ever-faithful Mike. She is the person behind much of the sewing that happens to put our quilt samples together and without her, I would not be where I am today.

Close family friends, extended family, and well-respected peers in the quilting industry have also become instrumental in making Judy Niemeyer Quilting successful and continuously pushing the limits on producing quality designs and products for the Quilting World to enjoy! Watch the company over the coming years as we develop new instruction tools, increase our inventory, strive for the publication of our first book, begin the organization of regional retreats, and continue to stretch the limits of our imaginations in the application of paper piecing techniques to the art of quilt making!

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