Applewood Farms Quilts

Applewood Farms Quilts

Beth Ferrier:

Beth is a highly experienced quilter who has a gift for teaching.  She offers fun and informative classes and seminars for beginning and experienced quilters.  Her original patterns are available in quilt shops around the world.

Beth has a degree in biological sciences and many credit hours in education classes.   She\’s the proud mom of four active boys and supported by the world\’s best husband, Kent.

Beth was given her first sewing kit in kindergarten, and has been putting needle to thread ever since.  A quilter since 1975, it didn\’t take long for her to begin designing her own patterns.  A teacher by nature, it was only a matter of time before the quilting classes began.

It\’s important to Beth that every student come away from her class eager for the next challenge.  She loves what happens to a quilter\’s soul when she masters a new technique.

A class with Beth is always fun.

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