The Serious Satchel


This is a pattern to make a laptop carrier.

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Scaled to hold a full-size laptop and built strong enough to carry anything, this Serious Satchel is quite a project -- and worth it!

The top level of the zipper side is large enough for file folders and magazines, while the lower zipper is perfect for smaller objects. The front has a large roomy pouch deep enough to hold power cords, small speakers, etc. There are pockets, pouches & zippers everywhere - even the ends have pockets tall enough for umbrellas and long rulers. There is an inside
divider and the lining has even more zippers and pockets.

The perfect laptop bag or a great project bag large enough to take everything for class in one Serious Satchel.

  • Extra Roomy Pouch on Front
  • Individual Zipper Compartments on Back
  • Zipper Top Closure
  • Inside Dividers and more pockets
  • Laptop or Project Size Bag

Finished Size: 18" wide x 5" deep x 14" high

Skill Level: Intermediate