Strippy Scrap Jacket


This is a sewing pattern to make a quilted jacket.


Strippy Scrap Jacket by Brensan Studios

There are 2 methods of creating the pieced fabric for this jacket -the strip method and individual pieced method. The stipped method is quicker while the individual pieced method will provide more control on specific color placement. Additionally the strip method will require specific yardage, while the pieced method will allow you to use up smaller scraps from your stash. You will need at least 12 different fabrics to get a nice finished effect, but more than 12 is even better. We do advise making a test garmet first to check for accurate fit.

Sizes: Small 40 3/4", Med 41 3/4", Large 42 3/4, XL 43 3/4" (Bust/Waist/Hip)

Small 21 1/2", Med 21 3/4", Large 22", xL 22 1/4" (back length)