This is an applique quilt pattern


Matilda applique quilt pattern by Toni Whitney of Toni Whitney Designs
Meet Matilda, our beautiful cover girl donkey or "long-ear" as theyare affectionately
known. Matilda wa rescued by husband and wife team David and Marci Van Ausdall
who together own and operate their Non-Profit Organization, Lavender Dreams Farm
and Donkey Rescue where long-ears are given the love, care and peaceful life that they
deserve. A ploace where they are finally free of abusive and inhumane treatment so many
of them had suffered and in many cases a certain end at the slaughterhouse. When asked
of the hard work that it takes to run an organization such as theirs, David and Marci will tell
you that the long ears come first and that their mission is to rescue, shelter and rehabilitate
donkeys that have been physically abused and neglected, they consider what they are do
to be a true blessing and love sharing their lives with the long-ears in their care.

Finished size: 19" x 23"