Comma Chameleons


This is a no sew project.

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Comma Chameleons Collage quilt pattern by the Quilted Lizard

This is a no sew project.  For the lizard lovers in your life, here is an easy wall hanging featuring happy

chameleons sure to make you smile. Discover how quick it is to "piece" the background block using fabric

collage construction.  A layer of tulle is added to stop the raw edges from fraying and gives the surface

a refined look. 

The background and borders are collaged first on a cotton batting base, then the commas, the

tree limb and the Comma Chameleon are collaged on top.  Fusible web is not used in this pattern,

instead a small amount of fabric glue holds the pieces in place until they are secured with a layer of

tulle and machine stitching at the quilting stage.


Finished size:  16 12" square